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What Are the Various Treatment Options for low Testosterone

A gradual decline in testosterone hormone level is absolutely normal in older men. But many younger men these days are experiencing sudden drop in their hormonal level caused by any medical condition or their sedentary lifestyle. More worryingly, some men experience a rapid and substantial drop in their testosterone levels than others do. Low levels of testosterone occurs in men due to an underproduction of testosteron steigern. When the male body does not produce the normal amount of sex hormone, then it causes a condition called low testosterone, or Low-T. This hormonal condition in turn can lead to some symptoms that can be so intense, such as low libido, reduced sexual desires, erectile dysfunction, reduced energy, decreased muscle strength, depression and sleep apnea.


So how can you restore your testosterone levels? Well, if you’re experiencing low testosterone, and really want to know how you can increase your testosterone, then you want to read this article further.


What are the Treatment Options for Low-T

When it comes to low testosterone, a number of testosterone supplementations are available both in over-the-counter and prescription format. Some of the widely used treatment options include injections, skin patches and gels, testosterone pellets, capsules and tablets and the most frequently adopted natural boosters. Each testosterone product is used differently, e.g. injections can be self-administered into the muscle every few weeks; patches or gels are simply applied to the skin; or hormone containing pellets that are implanted under the skin.


Different low T treatment options and their application methods are as follows:


Pills and Capsules: Testosterone therapy is available in the form of sex pills which are taken orally. But this is the least popular way of administering testosterone, because some experts believe that the oral pills can have adverse effects on the liver. Unlike the pills, other testosterone replacement methods, such as gels, skin patches, or injections, bypass the liver and get the hormone directly into the bloodstream.


Gels: Testosterone gel is applied directly to the skin and is more convenient to use. When the gel is applied to the clean and dry skin on upper body or shoulder area, about 10% of it is absorbed by the body into the stratum, which leads to the slow release of the hormone to the system. It takes the gel around 22 hours to take full effect in the system. Since dosing of gel is difficult to determine, most companies sell these gels in single applications packages. Some FDA-approved gels include, AndroGel, Axiron, Fortesta, Testim, Vogelxo and Bio-T-Gel.


Injections: Testosterone is also available in liquid form that can be directly injected into the muscles. It is considered the most cost-effective way of administering the testosterone replacement therapy. Some popular brands of testosterone injections are: Depo-Testosterone, Depo-Testadiol, Delatestryl , Aveed, Testopel, and Ditate-DS.


Testosterone Pellets: These are the oldest form of testosterone supplementation. Pellets are implanted into the soft tissue where they release the testosterone which is slowly absorbed by the body into the bloodstream.


Patches: A prescription medicine, testosterone patches are intended to deliver hormone continuously for 24 hours. Patches are to be applied on clean, dry and unbroken skin on the back, upper arms, thighs or stomach area. The best thing about this therapy is that it is more convenient to use and carries a lower risk of side effects. Testosterone patches come in different doses and sizes. The FDA approved two testosterone patches are: Androderm and Testoderm.


The above mentioned treatments are seen to greatly help men with low testosterone to restore their sex drive, and quality of erections, as well as increase their bone density, muscle mass, and energy level. But these treatment options are not safe for everyone. Those who have or are at a high risk of prostate cancer should not use testosterone therapy. But good news is that there are some natural treatment options available to increase testosterone, regardless of the reason a person is experiencing low T levels. The best way to increase your T levels is through diet, exercise and slight changes in your lifestyle. If you would like to know which natural methods can effectively help you in this regard, then visit the website